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Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth (Recovery, Food And More)

wisdom teeth recovery food

Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth (Recovery, Food And More)

When you get an extraction for wisdom teeth, recovery, food and other aspects of the procedure should be prepared for. What should one expect from a wisdom tooth extraction surgery? This article will talk about all of these and how long the recovery period usually lasts. After reading the article, you can get the opinion of one dentist; having an established clinic in Sunbury, dentist Dr. Thi advises against too much sugar during the recovery period.

Wisdom tooth extraction

People who have their wisdom teeth extracted usually do so because of the pain and inconvenience that wisdom teeth may sometimes cause. Most of the time, wisdom teeth may cause unnecessary pressure on the nearby teeth, and in the long run, this may cause damage to these surrounding teeth. Most dentists who anticipate this type of problem recommend that the wisdom teeth be removed even before the problems occur. 

What to expect during recovery

Once the anesthesia wears off, the patient can expect to feel some level of pain during recovery. They will also have to be careful not to get any food particles on the extraction site to minimize the risk of infection. This is why the emergency dentist in Brisbane will usually provide a list of instructions the patient must follow while they are recovering from the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

The food you can eat during recovery

As you recover, you can refer to the list your dentist will give you for the recommended diet to follow.

Avoid hot, cold and spicy food.

When you are in the recovery phase, it is a good idea to eat food that is not too hot, too cold or spicy. These types of food may trigger tooth sensitivity in the surrounding teeth because the nerves and tissues may still be inflamed as a result of the extraction.

Eat soft food.

wisdom teeth recovery food

You can enjoy soft slices of bread, fruit purees, soft cheeses and other types of food that do not require a lot of chewing. If you will need to chew, make sure to use the other side of your mouth, without the tooth extraction to chew. 

Cool, room temperature food

If you are looking for a sweet fix, you can enjoy some yogurt. Make sure that the food does not go higher or lower than room temperature.

Avoid crunchy food

Food that can break up into tiny pieces as you chew them should also be avoided. These little pieces can end up being lodged and stuck in the extraction site. If you are unable to remove them and properly keep the site clean, you may risk infection.

When to see your dentist

If you are experiencing pain in your wisdom teeth, it is a good idea to consult your dentist. They will run tests and X-rays to find the root cause of your pain, and they will also advise you if you are eligible for the extraction of your wisdom teeth. Recovery, food choices and other crucial elements of the surgery will be discussed with you. If you have any questions about the procedure, ask your dentist and they will be happy to put your mind at ease about them.

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