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Prevention Of Eating Disorders

Prevention Of Eating Disorders

A healthy diet is one way to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you have a problem maintaining your weight and always lazy to exercise every day, you can compensate it by having a healthy diet. Although some people are struggling to stick to a diet plan, they end up resorting to crash diets which is not healthy for them. It may result in having an eating disorder which can take it’s toll if not prevented.

Common Types of Eating Disorders:

Anorexia Nervosa
This is when the individual seems to be afraid to eat anything. They excessively check and count the calories of whatever they are about to consume. Ending, they will simply not eat in order to avoid consuming calories.

Bulimia Nervosa
They eat, but excessively. Also known as binge eating. Then they will make themselves throw up before the body gets the nutrition it needs. They believe that by doing so, it will not make them fat. This is not a very good condition since your digestive system will take it as a signal to throw up anytime you eat.

Prevention of Eating Disorders:

1. Prepare your own food

It is a healthier option if you prepare your own food since you can control what you will put in your salad or sandwich. Stop eating or getting take-outs from fast food restaurants. You can research for healthy recipes online and make your list so that you can make them yourself.

2. Be Realistic

Stop comparing yourself to others. Some people may have a thin frame but it doesn’t mean that they are healthy. Celebrities may look great on their small frame but they have to do that because they have to always be in front of the camera which will make them 5x bigger than reality. You will also have to consider your height to achieve the ideal weight.

3. Choose your Friends

It may sound as if it has nothing to do with your eating habits. But it can be a big factor. Your social life determines if who you will become. Do not associate yourself with people who are obsessed with their weight or vice versa. It takes balance whether you will be healthy or not depending on the people you’re always with.

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