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Dental Complications Of Eating Disorders

Dental Complications Of Eating Disorders

Having an eating disorder is no laughing matter. No matter how much we want to help these people, it is hard to detect who has these conditions. They tend to hide it to everybody, acting everything is well. But there are symptoms that we can observe to detect and help people with eating disorders.

Eating disorders can even result in dental complications if not prevented like having dental erosion. You can watch out for these dental complications to see if someone you know is hiding their eating disorder. This way, we can help them to get the dental treatment they need and lead them to a healthier lifestyle. The team of dental experts from Beyond Infinity Dental in Castle Hill can help you with these issues.

So what are the dental complications of eating disorders? Here are some examples below:

Gums Disorders

If your body cannot have the nutrients it needs, it can cause bleeding gums. The soft tissue on your gums will be extra sensitive making it more susceptible in bacteria and infections.

Dry Mouth

Dehydration can affect your oral health as well. Lack of Calcium can make your teeth to get weak. This may cause tooth decay if not prevented by proper oral care as well.

Tooth Loss

Since frequent vomiting can result in acid reflux, your tooth enamel can be damaged resulting in tooth loss. The acid can also affect the color of your teeth and the weakened tooth will be prone to breaking when used in biting or chewing food.

Soft Palate Damage

If you purge caused by bulimia nervosa, your soft palate will suffer from redness or even sore caused by small cuts. The pressure applied using the fingers may cause these damage. It should be avoided to stop causing any damage in your soft palate.

In order to prevent these dental complications, you will need to first make sure to seek treatment for your eating disorder. A good oral health routine should also be observed in order to avoid these incidents from happening. Check the ADCCampbelltownDentalCare.com.au website for more info.

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