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Is Diet Soda Bad For Your Teeth?

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Is Diet Soda Bad For Your Teeth?

The thing is, all kinds of soda are high in acid. And we all know what acid can do to our teeth. It weakens the tooth enamel and makes the teeth vulnerable to cavities and decay. So is diet soda bad for your teeth? According to dentists, sugar-free drinks, including diet sodas and citrus juices, are bad for the teeth. If you are starting to notice signs of dental erosion, visit Synergy Dental Group in Parkdale today. Taking care of your dental health is the key to protecting your teeth from oral health conditions.

Many people believe that lowering your sugar intake can help in managing your diet. They are also aware that soft drinks, sports drinks, are high in sugar and thus, puts you at risk of tooth decay. But it is also essential to watch out for the effects of sugar-free beverages. While they may be low in sugar, they are also highly acidic. Highly acidic drinks put you at risk of tooth erosion, including energy drinks, diet sodas, and all diet drinks with artificial sweeteners.

How Sugar-Free Drinks Damage your Teeth

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So the question here is, how does it happen? You’re probably thinking that diet sodas are generally safer and healthier than drinking regular soda. The truth is, they are almost just the same in terms of hurting your teeth. Sad to say, even though they contain less to zero sugar, they can still damage your oral health significantly. A sugar-free diet soda hurts your teeth by having high levels of acid and low pH values.

Furthermore, a regular soda may form harmful acids inside the mouth, and a regular soda contains phosphoric acid, a kind of acid found in fruit juices and sweetened drinks.

As you drink soda, there will be continuous acid attacks to weaken the tooth enamel. Over time, this will cause bacteria to infiltrate the gums and teeth, resulting in tooth decay.

Protect Your Teeth Against Dental Erosion

There are many ways for you to prevent tooth decay and erosion. If you have symptoms of erosion, tooth decay, and other dental problems, it would be best to seek professional help. For instance, the importance of fixing the gaps in your teeth is just as crucial as addressing tooth decay. Both of these conditions can affect your appearance and dental health.

Indeed brushing your teeth may be one of the most important things to do, but it does not end there. It would help if you also opted for toothpaste with fluoride. This product doesn’t just kill the bacteria. It also strengthens the enamel and shields your teeth against decay.

In addition, you must rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Mouthwashes can reach the sides of your teeth that can’t be brushed. However, brushing should be done at least 30 minutes after drinking soda. Diet sodas make your enamel soft. Hence, brushing right away can only further damage your teeth.

Friendly Tips!

It’s hard to resist soda, especially during a scorching day and when your throat just seems too dry. If you are going to drink soda, be sure to follow these tips to lessen its harmful effects on your teeth:

Drink with a straw.

This will lessen the contact between soda and your teeth. If possible, make sure that the liquid will not touch your teeth. Do not gargle the soda and sip it straight away.

Rinse with water immediately.

After drinking soda, rinse your teeth with water. You can either gargle a glass of water or drink it instead. The idea is to ensure that there is no left residue of soda in your mouth.

As much as possible, avoid all acidic beverages.

It may become a challenge for some to refrain from drinking beverages that contain sugar, but if you are going to think about it, doing so is good for your health.

Switch to Teeth Friendly Drinks

Generally, not everyone will have the willpower to say “No” to sugary beverages overall. Sometimes a sip of soda takes away all the stress you’ve felt for the entire day. So what are your options? Check out these drinks below:


beverage for teeth

Milk is full of vitamins. It is a drink that is good for your teeth and bones. This drink contains calcium and phosphorus, which are both essential in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Milk has Vit. D as well. It helps in preventing gum disease, tooth decay, and many more.

Green and White tea

Are you a tea lover? Tea is an antioxidant drink that is equally great for your teeth and general health. It fights gum inflammation and helps prevent cavity buildup.

Tap Water

If there is one thing that should always be in your daily drinks, it’s tap water. If soda leaves traces of acids in your mouth, water cleans it out. It flashes away all the harmful chemicals in your mouth and strengthens your teeth at the same time.

Diluted Juice

Diluted juices are relatively good for the teeth. Yet, doctors warn about drinking diluted juice frequently as it might have the same effects as soft drinks. If you wish to drink diluted juice, consume the drink all at once. The best time to drink diluted juice is while you are having your meals.

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