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Eating Disorders And Depression

Eating Disorders And Depression

Mental illness is undoubtedly an aspect of health that impacts each and every person’s life in different ways. Amongst common mental illnesses, eating disorders and depression is largely recognized as common disorders that are diagnosed and found within people of all ages and overall demographics.

Depression, in short, is an illness that is characterized as a mood disorder involving intense feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest, sadness alongside other major symptoms. It is often times characterized by suicidal ideation and/or behavior.

Eating disorders are a group of illnesses that involve the development of majorly unhealthy eating patterns. Often times, eating disorders are based in body dysmorphia, which is the misreading of one’s body and being unable to actually see how one’s body is shaped or sized. Eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, as well as others.

Eating disorders and depression are sometimes paired together because they are often times based on the disproportionate relationship between the ideal and real self. Eating disorders are recognized to be based in insecurity which is a parallel motive to depression and leading factors to depression.

Depression is sometimes characterized by a loss or change in appetite which can inadvertently develop into an eating disorder. This demonstrates the co-morbid relationship between illnesses.

It is without a doubt that both groups of mental illnesses are serious and can be diagnosed within people of all demographics which means that everyone is likely to be at risk. It is important to recognize the symptoms of each of these illnesses in order to work on assisting people better live with them as well as helping the self to cope with symptoms of mental illness.

Depression and eating disorders, though difficult to live with, are illnesses that can be worked with and deserve the proper nurture and attention.

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