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Keeping Fit: What Percentage Of Americans Are Overweight?

what percentage of americans are overweight

Keeping Fit: What Percentage Of Americans Are Overweight?

What percentage of Americans are overweight? Out of the whole population, how many people have adult obesity? This article will talk about this problem, why it exists and how people can avoid becoming overweight or obese. After reading the article, you can read on a similar topic about how overweight people have snoring issues.  

What Percentage Of Americans Are Overweight? 

As of the year 2019, statistics have shown that roughly 40% of adults are obese and out of that 40%, 18% is considered to be severely obese. However, another study has shown that over two-thirds of the overall population in the United States is overweight. 

Based on previous studies that have been conducted on the matter, experts say that this is the highest recorded rates to date. The studies and trends show that 75% of the population are going to be considered overweight or obese in 2020. 

How Do People Become Overweight? 

what percentage of americans are overweight

Many factors come into play when it comes to being overweight. Not all situations are the same, each case may differ in terms of the causes and the treatment options may vary from case to case as well. Here is a list of the most common possible causes of obesity

Lack Of Physical Activity 

One of the most common causes of obesity is the lack of physical activity. If a person practices a sedentary lifestyle and spends most of their time sitting down, they will have a higher risk of developing obesity or being overweight. Studies say that there is a significant link for both sexes between obesity and the lack of physical activity. 


In turn, not following a proper diet may also cause a person to develop obesity. If a person overeats, it will result in being overweight or obese over time. If people choose to have a diet that is rich in fat, there will be a higher chance of weight gain. 

There are many fast-food chains that are readily available in the United States, and people eat the food served at these establishments because they are delicious and convenient. However, this habit of overeating is another cause of why such a big part of the population is overweight or obese. 


There is a specific hormone that regulates the fat in a person’s body. The risk of developing obesity increases if a person’s parents were also obese or overweight. There is a chance that the person will have inherited the leptin deficiency from their parents. This genetic trait will make it difficult for them to regulate their weight. 


Certain medications may also affect a person’s weight. Medications such as oral contraceptives and medicines that regulate insulin levels of a person are examples of medications that can cause a person to gain weight. There are medications that are considered necessary for the overall maintenance of certain diseases. The person’s health will be put at risk if the medications are halted. This is where seeing a doctor will be useful to help the patient with the side-effects of the medications, such as obesity and weight gain. 


Diseases like PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome or hyperthyroidism can cause a person to gain weight. These diseases may sometimes contribute to a person’s gaining weight, because some of them may cause hormonal imbalances in the body of a person.  

Treatment Options For Obesity 

The treatment for obesity will depend on the cause. However, most of the time, following a balanced diet and getting enough physical activity will be good ways to lower the risk of becoming overweight or obese. 

what percentage of americans are overweight

Unfortunately, there is no one-step or instant fix to obesity. Treatment options should depend on the recommendations of a doctor depending on a person’s individual situation. The approach of treating obesity should involve permanent lifestyle changes that should be done consistently. Doctors will create a plan that is based on the individual case of the person as will have to work alongside any existing treatments or medications the person may have as well. 

Doctors may recommend patients to increase physical activity, prescribe medications for the regulation of blood pressure, recommend ways to regulate cholesterol levels and other treatments. The treatments that may be used to aid with obesity may also be used to prevent stroke, heart disease and other cronic diseases. 

Final Thoughts 

If you feel that you are gaining weight very quickly, and need help moderating it before it turns into obesity, it may be a good idea to see a doctor. There may be an underlying cause that is making you gain weight. This cause may need further treatment and medical intervention. Otherwise, your doctor will also be able to tell you if you do not have any serious health concerns, and they may recommend proper lifestyle modifications you can do to avoid becoming obese. 

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