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lean and strong legs

How To Lose Weight In Thighs And Gain Muscles?

Leg workouts are often disregarded during routines. Most people tend to focus on their upper body parts and forget that lower muscles are just as important. There are many exercises to lose weight in the thighs and gain leg muscles at the same time. You can even do certain workouts at home, buy from homegymforsale.com.au and start exercising.

Focus On Your Leg

Strength training is one way to lose weight and gain strength in thighs. It has magnificent effects that shape, tone, and strengthen your leg muscles. It is also an effective routine for weight loss goals.

band training on legs

It’s not easy to lose leg and thigh fat immediately. It takes time and effort before you can fully see and enjoy the results. However, you will definitely enjoy the benefits it brings once you reach your goal. It allows you to move faster as it deliberately improves your balance, stance, posture, and stability.

Weak and fat legs and thighs put you at risk of complications such as:

It also contributes to poor stance and stability as your lower body cannot adequately support your whole body.

On the brighter note, strong legs give you optimum support along with other significant benefits:

  1. Happy lifestyle. You can basically do anything you want with strong thighs and legs. Sports, recreational activities, and hobbies are some of the many things that you can enjoy as well.
  2. A decreased risk of lower limb injuries and falls.
  3. Better overall performance.
  4. Improved endurance.
  5. Enhanced speed and power
  6. Rehabilitate injuries faster.
  7. Slim legs are aesthetically pleasing.

Tips To Lose Thigh Fat

Generally speaking, there is no specific way of losing thigh fats. All exercises are supposed to target multiple body parts and strengthen them respectively. But don’t lose hope because there are plenty of exercises that targets leg strength more than any part of the body. So if losing weight and fat in your thigh is your goal to make them stronger than ever, then consider these weight loss techniques:

  • Reduce your salt intake. Salt hinders the excess water in your body to get filtered out by kidneys. This typically causes bloatedness in the hips, thighs, and other parts of the body.
  • Take more electrolytes. Sports drinks usually consist of electrolytes. But adding them to your diet through natural resources is way better. Pick out foods that are rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, these will keep you healthy as you reach your thighs and weight loss goals.
  • Reduce carbs. We all know that carbs are the main cause of body fat. Carbs are responsible for storing water in the body as well, this is the reason why some people seem to have high body weight even though they are not fat-looking.
  • Opt for a cup of coffee. Coffee has mild effects that could stimulate metabolism. It also poses a positive impact on your body’s way to burn fats. Hence, contributes to your goal to lose weight in your thighs.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is known as a natural healer and body cleanser. It is an important liquid that flushes down the excess fluids and salt in the body. Drinking plenty of water also affects your appetite as it makes you feel full.
  • Stay away from alcoholic drinks. It could be hard to resist a bottle of beer or a glass of vodka. But if you want to lose the fat in your thighs, you will need to make some adjustments. Alcoholic beverages contain 100 to 120 calories per serving, you would not want those calories to hinder your weight loss journey, would you?
  • Add cardio to your strength training routine. Aerobic exercises are the best ways to lose a few extra pounds on your whole body as well. It also helps in boosting your overall health.
  • Keep track of your meals. Being a meticulous eater is not so bad at all. If you want to strictly adhere to a specific workout plan, it wouldn’t hurt if you keep track of the nutritional facts of the food you eat. Cut back from foods that cause body fat and opt for meals that are easy to digest.
  • Add fiber and protein to your meals. Fiber and protein can remarkably contribute to weight loss. They also make you feel fuller with minimal food intake. Protein is also essential in building muscle in the leg.
  • Hit the gym and train your thighs. Let’s be honest, leg workouts are not easy. But if you are going to think about it, lower body exercises make your legs strong and slim. As mentioned earlier, strong legs pose plenty of enjoyable benefits.

Activities For Strong Legs

Boosting your leg and thighs’ strength does not end in losing weight and a balanced diet. For better results, perform activities that will have significant impacts on your leg’s stability. Below are some of the things that you can do to make your thighs leaner and stronger.

friends cycling
  • Go cycling. Cycling is an enjoyable activity that you can do with or without a companion. This exercise boosts your energy levels and stamina.
  • Run in stairs. Find a stadium that’s open for people and start your day by running up and down on the stairs. This will make your legs leaner and stronger at the same time.
  • Walk in the sand. That is right, the sand adds extra intensity to walking, thus making it a good leg strength training exercise.
  • Plays sports. For leg strengthening purposes, choose a sport that targets not only the upper body but the lower body as well. Swimming, basketball, volleyball, and soccer are some of the sports that could improve your overall physique.
  • Target your inner thighs. Train your thighs twice a week by performing resistance training that burns fat and strengthens your leg as well. This could help in making the process go fast.

Get rid of excess fat by targetting your butt, legs, and hips every week. Slimming exercises for women can provide a great shape that’s always summer-ready.

strong toned woman

Body Toning Exercises For Females: Stay Lean And Fab All Year Long

Women are very much conscious when it comes to their figure. Unfortunately, due to the demands of modern society, it’s quite hard to find time to complete your workout routine. On the contrary, it’s a good thing that there are plenty of body toning exercises for females that they can do anywhere, anytime. Toning exercises might sound easy but these activities can have a huge impact on weight loss goals and building strength. Visit this reseller’s online store and get equipment to tone your body.

Weight Loss and Body Toning

woman exercising outdoor

Toning your body while losing weight is a step by step process. It takes time and patience to achieve optimal results in the healthiest way possible. This means that women who are aiming to tone their body and lose weight must also incorporate the correct diet and healthy lifestyle into their program. Fitness instructors recommend that females should also add cardio and strength-building exercises with body toning exercises to balance their workout routine. Consulting a physician would also be highly suggested especially if you are suffering from lung and heart problems or any health disorders.

Things to Consider

Who doesn’t want a toned body? Females, in general, are always looking for new ways to slim down, lose weight, and have a more appealing body shape. In order to accomplish your fitness goals, it is important to put some factors into consideration. You see, it’s not all about exercising and eating right. It includes discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and determination.

Before toning your body, it’s important to lose unwanted body fats first. This will make the toning process easier and more achievable. After achieving your desired weight, you’re probably going to look a little less than what you imagined, but that’s okay because your body toning journey is just about to start.

To begin your body toning workout routine, you have to start building muscles with the right combination of exercises. In doing so you have to remember that toning your body should always be incorporated with aerobic exercises, take note that you must be toning your body and getting strong at the same time.

So how exactly are you going to do this? For starters, women need to be more conscious about their food consumption, a balanced diet is always the best option to go to rather than starving yourself. You will be needing complete nutrients to perform high-intensity workouts correctly. Furthermore, you can schedule your routines alternately, do some aerobic activities like cycling and strength training exercises simultaneously. There are plenty of exercises that you can do at home, but going to the gym for some weights is still recommended.

Tips In Achieving A Toned Body

Before we proceed to the most effective body toning exercises, let us first discuss some of the things that might be helpful for you. To kick start your fitness journey, here are a few tips that hopefully can benefit you:

  • Don’t be shy and eat up more fruits and vegetables instead of unhealthy junk foods. This should not come as a surprise since fruits and vegetables are commonly known as natural sources of nutrients without fat. These foods are easier to digest and can you tone up quickly.
  • Add lean proteins, healthy fat, and whole grains to your diet. In order for your body toning routines to be effective, you need to supply your body with the right nutrients. Protein plays a vital role in building muscles and making them lean.
  • Go above your limits and try different combinations of exercises. While it’s nice to know which kind of exercise actually works well on your body, it would still be better if you will try other body toning exercises, who knows, you might get better results by experimenting.
  • Detox by drinking plenty of water. You may drink protein shakes or take supplements but nothing beats water. It is a natural healer that flushes toxins away in the most natural way. Plus it keeps you hydrated!
  • Don’t forget to rest. Some people tend to overwork themselves because they want to see results right away, but honestly speaking, that is not helping. You are only stressing yourself and putting a lot of pressure on your body. Make sure that you still get enough rest and complete sleep.

Simple Body Toning Exercises For Females

To make your body toning workout routine a success you need to involve light weights only, you also need to perform high reps, correct toning exercises, and make sure to target the right areas in your body. Listed below are some of the exercises that females can do to have a toned body:

doing a plank
  • Planking. This may look like a very easy exercise to do but it’s actually one of the hardest to finish. A minute of plank can strengthen your core, arms, glutes, back muscles, hips, land many more.
  • Leg lowers. Using an exercise mat, lie on your back, and extend your legs upward. Make sure to keep them straight, place your arms at your side, and keep your upper body steady. Lower one of your legs for as low as you can, and do the same to the other as you put the other back up to its starting position.
  • Superman exercise. You can do this by lying on your stomach, arms slightly bent on each side and palms placed just above the head. Prepare yourself and engage your core, chest, and glutes as you lift your legs, arms, and head off the ground. Hold for a few seconds and go back to the starting position.
  • Glute bridge. Start by lying on the floor, bend your knees, keep your feet flat on the floor and arms on each side of your body. when your ready, engage your abs and squeeze your glutes as you lift your hips upward. Maintain a straight body and hold the position for a few seconds before going back to your starting position.
  • Lunges. This is a very famous strength training exercise that targets multiple parts of the body. Lunges can strengthen your back, legs, and hips while promoting balance and stability.

The toning process usually needs at least 2 months for the results to become visible. How you execute the exercises and how often you do your workout routine will definitely contribute to the final outputs.

Simple Calorie Counter: The Key to Weight Loss


Monitoring your fitness progress plays an integral part in your overall wellbeing. Weight loss programs can be more effective if you keep track of your daily calorie intake with a simple calorie counter. By having the ability to record your progress, you can make the appropriate adjustments in your training regimen. You can base the pacing of your exercises on the calorie counter results. If you want to keep track of your fitness with the country’s best fitness trackers, please click on the link provided. 

What is a Calorie Counter?

A calorie counter is a piece of fitness accessory which falls under the category of wearable technology. It typically has the same looks and functionality as a fitness watch for its overall design. The calorie counter’s primary function is to help you record your daily calorie intake, which can help you keep track of your current level of fitness. It has the potential to increase the efficacy of your weight loss training program and overall wellbeing. It also has the ability to function as a heart rate monitor. 

Why Use a Calorie Counter?

Using a calorie counter increases the efficiency of your training by providing helpful information about your fitness progress. It can tell you how many calories you burned in a single session. It tells you if you were able to hit your target within a specific period. This ability is ideal for keeping track of your current status real-time. The data gathered from the results can help you compare the calories you burned versus your calorie intake. If you are serious about getting rid of fats and keeping your weight under an ideal level, then we highly recommend using a calorie counter. Not only does it help you with your weight loss goals, but it also provides you with the information to keep your heart rate at an ideal pace.

The Benefits of Wearing a Calorie Counter

Tons of benefits can be achieved by wearing a calorie counter in your daily training. It acts as your fitness coach by providing all the information you need to keep track of your progress. Based on the results, you can either intensify your workout or slow down to a lighter pace. This capability promotes independence by eliminating the need to employ the assistance of a fitness coach. A fitness tracker can also optimise your training safety. It monitors your heart rate and tells you if you’re overexerting your efforts. Below is the summary of the benefits that you can achieve with the help of a calorie counter:

  • Accelerates Weight Loss: The key to an effective weight loss is not only diet and exercise. If you want to increase its’ effectivity, you have to keep track of your calorie intake and heart rate. The most significant factor is that you can train with the right pacing that is good for your heart without compromising your safety. You can also compare the difference between calorie intake against the fats and calories you burn in your daily workout routine. Being able to monitor your progress speeds-up the effects of weight loss in a dramatic fashion.
  • Maximises Exercise Safety: Weight loss is not the only thing to be mindful of while exercising. Keeping track of your heart rate also play a crucial role. Most calorie counters include a heart rate monitor feature that can help you train with maximum safety. It can tell you if your heart is having a hard time keeping up with your pace, or if you’re not hitting the goal. Too much training can lead to multiple adverse health effects, and too little can slow your fitness progress. By using a calorie counter, you will always be on the right track.
  • Smart Watch Capabilities: Technically, a simple calorie counter is a feature of a smartwatch. So, this gives you the advantage of having a multifunctional fitness accessory. It can help you track the distance you’ve travelled; you can use it as a stopwatch, and it is compatible with WIFI and online access. You can download the latest updates to enhance its features and transfer your fitness data records digitally. There are also fitness communities online where you can join as a member. You can compare your training regimen to others and have a friendly competition.

Features to Look for in a Fitness Watch

If you’re serious in your weight loss training, you must learn what to look for in a fitness tracker. By knowing the ideal features to look for, you can maximise your weight loss training program’s efficiency with the right methods. So, here are the considerations to look for in a calorie counter:

  • Brand: Look for a brand like Fitbit® so you can ensure the quality, performance, and durability. The recognised brand often delivers without compromise. If you want to make sure that the calorie counter feature is precise and accurate, purchase only the best brands. 
  • Compatibility with Other Wireless Devices: This feature is significant in terms of data transfer and storage. The fitness tracker should be compatible with a wide range of devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, or Mac. Keeping track of your fitness progress can help you train on the right path by comparing your previous routine results.
  • Sportswatch Capabilities: We’ve already made this feature clear earlier, so, we’ll just briefly explain its benefits. You can enhance your overall experience with these features, whether you’re training for cardio improvement or bodybuilding.
  • Interchangeable Batteries: A calorie counter is active as long as you’re training. Meaning, it stays on and actively monitoring your progress in extended periods. The multi-functionality may drain the batteries faster compared with a regular heart rate monitor. So, it’s important if the batteries can be easily replaced anytime.
  • Water-Resistance: Swimming and other water sports are perfect for weight loss. If you decided to monitor your progress while submerged on water, look for a water-resistant fitness watch. 
  • Adjustable Band or Strap: The band or strap should be adjustable to fit all levels of users. The calorie counter needs to have a perfect fit, especially during training. It should not be uncomfortable at all times. 

Tips to Optimise the Battery Life

  • Adjust the backlight to low level
  • Disable rarely used apps
  • Adjust the alarm sound to mid
  • Disable notifications for rarely used features
  • Activate sleep mode
  • Disconnect from WIFI after use
  • Charge properly

Final Thoughts

Weight loss is not easily achieved overnight. It takes time, effort, and discipline to achieve visible results. It’s also difficult to train blindly; meaning, working out without knowing your fitness progress. That’s where the calorie counter comes in. By using this fitness accessory, you will have full control over your training pace. It lets you adjust to the right approach anytime. So, if you want to switch to a healthier lifestyle by starting with weight loss, then train with a calorie counter so that you can reach your goals with maximum efficiency. 

Exercise to Lose Belly Fat in a Week: Tips and Recommendations

Everyone wants to have the perfect abs for different reasons. Some individuals engage in physical activities to have a well-sculpted physique, while others are in it for weight loss health benefits. There are many ways to burn calories and fats, including exercises and the right eating habits. A combination of these two important factors plays a significant role in an individual’s overall fitness progress. This article will tackle the simplest but effective techniques on how to exercise to burn belly fat in a week. We will also talk about the best pre-workouts that can accelerate the efficiency of the process. To learn more about the fantastic fat-burning food supplements, please go to bestfatburner.com.au, and choose the right type for you.

The Most Efficient Exercises to Burn Belly Fat in One Week

The first thing that comes into mind when talking about weight loss is taxing the exercise techniques. Thinking about the methods and all the physical activities involved can shake your motivation and lead to disinterest in keeping up with the tasks ahead. However, most people don’t realise that the simplest forms of exercises can help reduce their weight and cut the excessive belly fats that they developed over years of abdominal inactivity. With the right type of fat-burning food supplements, that can effectively enhance the weight loss process in no time at all. You can even stay fit with a fun activity at home; click here to learn more!

So, here are the exercises that you can try safely at home, without going to commercial gyms and fitness centres:

The Burpees Technique

Burpees targets your core, as well as your shoulders, lats, triceps, quads, and chest muscles. The movements involved can also give your heart an excellent exercise. 

How to Perform Burpees:

  • Squat
  • Push your feet back 
  • Push-up
  • Return to squat position
  • Stand and jump 
  • Extend your arms up
  • Repeat

The Mountain Climbers Technique

Mountain climbers is a technique that also works your core to an optimum level like the burpees. It also activates multiple muscles like your arms and legs effectively. 

How to Perform Mountain Climbers:

  • Start with a push-up position with both arms extended
  • Draw one knee up to your chest
  • Slightly lift your hips 
  • Alternate each knee
  • Repeat

The Turkish Get-Up Technique

This exercise technique is a two-hundred-year-old method that never fails to meet the expectations. It is best used with a kettlebell or a dumbbell. The method stimulates multiple muscles in the body.

How to Perform Turkish Get-Up:

  • Lie flat on your back
  • Extend your left arm sideways on the floor
  • Raise your right hand while lifting a kettlebell or dumbbell
  • Bend your right knee
  • Rise slowly with the help of your left arm
  • Keep your position
  • Stand all the way up
  • Repeat the process with your other arm

The Medicine Ball Burpees Technique

The medicine ball burpees are the enhanced version of the regular burpees. If you add the medicine ball in this technique, the efficiency increases to a significant level.

How to Perform the Medicine Ball Burpees:

  • Squat and place both your hands on the medicine ball
  • Push your feet back 
  • Push-up
  • Return to squat position
  • Stand and jump 
  • Extend both your arms up while holding the medicine ball 
  • Repeat

The Sprawl Technique

This exercise method is a modified version of the burpee’s technique. It is ideal for multiple muscle activation.

How to Perform the Sprawl:

  • Stand straight
  • Squat
  • Push your legs back
  • Return to the squat position
  • Jump with both your arms extended
  • Repeat

The Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams Technique

This effective exercise method is perfect for your abdominal muscles and other major muscle groups. The entire technique boosts your muscle growth and development that also enhances your metabolism.

How to Perform Side-to-Side Medicine Ball Slams:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart
  • Lift the medicine ball overhead using both hands
  • Slam the medicine ball sideways to your right
  • Alternate the process 
  • Repeat

The Overhead Medicine Ball-Slam Technique

This exercise method is similar to the side-to-side medicine ball slam but with a slightly different approach. Instead of slamming the balls sideways, you slam it forward. It is perfect for your abdominal muscles. 

How to Perform Overhead Medicine Ball-Slams:

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart
  • Lift the medicine ball overhead using both hands
  • Slam the medicine ball forward 
  • Repeat the process

These exercise techniques are perfect for seven-day weight loss training. As you may have noticed, they do not require bulky exercise equipment. They can be performed anytime at the comfort of your home. With a positive mindset and discipline, you can shed belly fat efficiently in a week.

Fat Burning Food Supplements

Pre-workouts are the best fat burning food supplements that you can consume to increase your training exercises’ efficiency. There are two major types that you can try.

  • Whey Protein: Whey protein is the by-product of dairy products creating milk or cheese. They are perfect for weight loss programs and bodybuilding.
  • Plant-Based Protein: These vegan protein food supplements are the ideal protein source for lactose intolerant individuals. They are also effective in developing muscles and weight management.

The Benefits of Burning Belly Fats

Losing weight is an effective way to keep healthy and resilient against developing chronic diseases. Study says that people with excessive body fats are more susceptible to adverse health conditions. So, weight management plays a significant role in our overall wellness. Here are the benefits:

  • Keeps our heart healthy
  • Boosts our immune system
  • Makes weight loss more manageable
  • Aesthetically impressive
  • Boosts our confidence

Tip: Always have a positive mindset when you commit to a healthier lifestyle. This way of thinking can help you manage stress and boost your motivation to the next level. Always remember that while cosmetic surgery will help to improve your body, combining physical activities and the right diet is the best way to stay fit and healthy.

a man getting ready for a good morning exercise benefits

Health and Fitness: Good Morning Exercise Benefits

Morning exercise has always been an ideal motivator to keep the day on a positive tone. Starting your day with a few stretches and exercise drills not only improves your back strength, but it also gives you a good energy boost. However, you can’t just dive into a morning exercise without the right equipment. You have to utilise the appropriate exercise machines to enhance the overall experience. Two major groups are generally recommended by fitness buffs all over the world. They are the cardio exercise machines and bodybuilding machines and accessories. However, a good morning exercise benefits should not be strenuous and taxing. We recommend a machine that can provide low-impact exercises. One of the best machines to use is the manual treadmill. Not only does it conserve energy, but its also ideal for morning exercises. Try this equipment by clicking on this link.

Ideal Morning Exercise Machines

There are many ways to start your morning exercise drills. However, we recommend starting with light exercises so your muscles can adjust to the proper pacing, so does your heart. We prepared a summary of the best exercise machines that you can try for your morning exercise rituals. These are the most efficient tools that you can use to start your day right:

Manual Treadmills: Let’s define what a manual treadmill is first before we go into the details about the health benefits that it can provide. The manual treadmill is a cardio exercise machine that is typically composed of rollers, a running belt, and optional handles. This machine is ideal for morning exercise because it lets you exercise on your preferred pacing. It doesn’t require electricity to operate and its relatively easy to use. The incline can also be adjusted to specific angles if you want an extra challenge.

Running or walking exercises in the morning are perfect for your heart health. It provides a gradual progression that lets your muscles and heart adapt to the correct rhythm they need for the day. You must start your day with cardio training instead of resistance workouts. Your muscles may not be prepared for the strain from sleep. There is an increased risk of overfatigue and too much muscle stress accumulation if you begin with strength or resistance exercises. 

The recommended interval for treadmill exercises is thirty minutes walking or running. 

Good Morning Exercise Benefits

a woman exercising on a treadmill for a good morning exercise benefits
  • More Focus and Fewer Distractions: Putting the morning exercise on top of your to-do list allows you to train with fewer distractions. It makes your training uninterrupted, making them highly efficient. You can focus more on the right techniques and proper pacing.
  • Comfortable Workout: Exercising with less sun exposure can be beneficial to your health. Too much sun may cause fatigue, or worse, heatstroke.
  • Promotes a Healthier Eating Habit: Getting up early doesn’t give you enough time to eat a heavy meal. Instead, you’re forced to pick the lighter food groups that provide energy. This method is also ideal for people who wish to control their weight.
  • Heightened Alertness: Morning physical activities increases the release of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is responsible for keeping us alert and awake. Study says that your alertness improves your coordination.
  • Boosts your Energy Level: Research says that morning exercise boosts our energy naturally. This ability is ideal to face the day.
  • Improves Concentration and Focus: Scientific research has proven that regular morning exercise enhances your attention, decision-making capability, and visual learning. 
  • Improves Mood: Treadmill exercises help release endorphins in our brain naturally. The effects could last the entire day.
  • Improves Weight Management: Morning exercises have the highest rate of burning fats and calories as the recent studies suggest.
  • Keeps you Satiated Longer: Physical activities in the morning reduces the hunger hormone called ghrelin. When you work out early, you can stay feeling “full” for longer durations.
  • Improves Overall Performance: With the natural release of cortisol and endorphins, your overall athleticism is improved. Click here for more exercises ideas.
  • Controls Blood Sugar Levels: Treadmill workouts improve our body’s natural way to detoxify. Our Lymphatic system flushes toxins together with excessive glucose efficiently.
  • Fights Hypertension: All the benefits stated above lowers the blood pressure effectively. This ability can keep you healthier and stronger.
  • Improved Sleeping Patterns: As your muscle relaxes after your morning exercise, your body adjusts to the right level, making your rest or sleep revitalising. You can also go to Wayne Massage Sydney for a session to help further improve your sleep and recovery.


You may have realised by now that a simple morning exercise can do tons of positive thing to your health. Not only does it activate your muscles and improve your cardio, but it also prepares you to face the whole day with the right amount of energy. What makes good morning exercise benefits special is its unique capability to provide cortisol and endorphin release naturally. When we feel good about what we’re doing, it keeps our drive stronger, and our energy higher. If you want to experience the best method of being physically and mentally fit, then begin your day with a simple morning exercise. For a fun play with your friends visit this site https://www.pingpongtableforsale.com.au.

a girl with obvious belly fat

Types Of Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home

Belly fat is the excess fat that surrounds the organs inside the stomach. Doing exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home is possible. You can check out for the latest gym equipment like the Torsonator to add up in your exercise routines.

They also refer to belly fat as the visceral fat. You can find a visceral fat beneath the muscles of the stomach. Belly fat affects the body and can put a person’s health at significant risk if there is too much of it in the body.

It provides negative impacts on the body organs. It causes the production of excess hormones and chemicals, which means to say that the person is highly at risk of developing diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer.

With this in mind, a person with too much visceral fat should undergo weight loss programs. They can ask for a trainer’s assistance to choose the right exercise to reduce the visceral fat.

Determining when to reduce belly fat

Based on research studies, a female has a higher more percentage of body fat compared to a male. One way to determine if there is excess belly fat is to conduct measurement at home. Using a measuring tape, measure the bare stomach, directly above the hip bone. Unhealthy waist measurement for women is 35 inches or more, while for men is 40 inches above.

measuring tape in belly fat

If you have the measurements above, it is an indication that you have to reduce belly and undergo weight loss exercises. Since most women are staying at home, let’s discuss some exercises that they can do at home. Buy here your fitness equipment and start your program.

Exercises to reduce belly fat

It is better to start doing exercises to work out the excess visceral fat. It will help prevent higher risks of diseases that too much visceral fat can contribute. There are common and straightforward types of exercises that we listed below.

  1. Lying leg raises: These is well-known as the killer abs exercise. It helps alleviate low back pain and improves the overall stability and strength of the core.
  2. Leg in and out: It builds more muscular abs, increase stability and strength, melts belly fat, and tone your body, particularly the stomach.
  3. Scissor kicks: This exercise works on the core muscles, quads and adductors. Strong core muscles reduce back pain and improve your balance.
  4. Crunches: It is the most popular type of exercise for the abdomen. It tightens the belly and helps the buildup of six-pack abs.
  5. Bicycle crunches: This workout exercise can also increase core strength, targets slimmer waist and improves flexibility and stability as well. Its constant movement increases the heart rate and the number of calories burned.
  6. Sit-ups: it is also one of the well-known basic exercises. Sit-ups provide a lot of benefits to your body.
  7. Jackknife crunches: It directly targets the abdominal muscles, especially the lower stomach. There are several variations of the jackknife crunches that you can use.
  8. Russian twist: This exercise is a great calorie burner, especially if you want to achieve a flat stomach. It will certainly keep you in shape.
  9. Crossbody mountain climbers: This exercise is good at targeting the entire abdominal region. It even improves upper body strength. Additionally, it provides stability in the chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  10. Plank: Observing a good posture in this exercise will help you maintain your bones aligned. Including plank as one of your daily routines will help you strengthen your spine and abdominal muscles.

If you feel any pain after these workouts, you can go to a massage or a chiropractic clinic to alleviate the pain.

Other options to reduce or remove belly fat

Aside from exercising, there are other remedies that you can do to reduce or remove your belly fat. We stated a few of them below.

belly fat before and after exercise
  1. It is good to eat plenty of foods containing soluble fiber. This fiber promotes weight loss since it can make you feel full. Therefore, it makes you eat lesser.
  2. Refrain from eating foods that contain trans fats. Aside from contributing to belly fat formation, trans fats are also contributor or inflammation and heart diseases.
  3. Drink alcohol moderately. Too much of this results in gaining belly fat.
  4. Eat foods containing high protein. It is an essential factor for weight management.
  5. Learn how to manage your stress. Excessive production of the stress hormone contributes to the gain of belly fat as well.
  6. Reduce your intake of sugary foods. Aside from belly fats, it also triggers several chronic diseases.
  7. Improve your carb intake. Limit your intake of refined carbs to improve metabolic health and lessen belly fat.
  8. Consider replacing your cooking oil with coconut oil. Coconut oils help boost metabolism and decrease stored fats.


As shown above, it only proves that belly fat results in our actions. Starting from the food we eat, up to the activities we do daily. If we do not take action about it, which includes prevention and reduction, belly fat can lead us to boundless dangers. Get on your treadmill or go out for running, eat healthy and keep fit.