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Are There Things You Can’t Eat With Braces? (What You Can Eat)

Are There Things You Cant Eat With Braces

Are There Things You Can’t Eat With Braces? (What You Can Eat)

It may be hard to adjust with braces if you’re new to wearing an orthodontic appliance. Kids, teens, and young adults all have different procedures done by an orthodontic. Several people have teeth and gums with different responses during their adjustment periods. There are many things you can’t eat with braces. Some patients may overlook it, but the risks of having foods debris stuck on your wires and brackets can be a risk to your dental health. Notably, children who love candy or gum may destroy the rubber or plastic band and wiring of the brace. 

Braces Enhance A Person’s Dental Health Care

Are you planning to get braces soon? Or, are you already wearing braces? If you’re curious about why your dentist or parents recommends this orthodontics treatment, the reason is simple. Braces align crooked or misaligned teeth due to natural gum movements. As we grow from infants to toddlers to young children, the incisors, molars, and canine teeth may not grow symmetrically. Some issues in the gum line or bone development can make people have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or even missing teeth. Braces correct the position of the teeth and gums so they can adjust with each other. Having a brace treatment also promotes dental hygiene routines at an early age. 

Things You Can’t Eat With Braces:

Sadly, there are limitations on your foods intake, such as things you can’t eat with braces. You may want to ask more about the list of things you can’t eat with braces from your trusted orthodontic dentist or specialist. Here are some of the examples you should avoid eating once your braces are already applied. 

  • Hard Nuts
  • Sticky or Hard Candy (Toffee, Jelly, Chocolate etc.)
  • Raw Or Uncooked Vegetables
  • Popcorn
  • Ice
  • Gum
  • Steak Or Hard Meat
  • French Bread

Some patients may also have diet programs that need to eat vegetables, meat or bread. You may want to read ahead how to consume other foods listed here to enjoy your meals still. 

Why Should You Avoid Certain Foods During An Orthodontic Treatment?

Things You Cant Eat With Braces What You Can Eat

Is it much of a risk to enjoy eating corn on the cob or munching on your favorite pizza while wearing braces? Although you can cut them into bite sizes, some food still gets stuck behind the wires and brackets. Moreover, some drinks and beverages may even stain your teeth, and you won’t have a way to clean them properly. It is vital to follow your dentist’s instructions because the things you can’t eat with braces may even lead to dental diseases. Cavities are one of the worst enemies while wearing braces. Unlike soft foods, they stick in the teeth’s surface. Hence, visit your dentist regularly to have a professional deep clean your teeth.

Switch To These Foods Instead:

Since you avoid to eat sticky foods, ice, chips, crunchy or chewy apples or crisps, you may want to stick with these soft foods for the time being. Some tightened braces may have a hard time moving their jawbones or mouth. Additionally, your diet plan or health condition may limit you to eat some of the foods listed below. Consult your doctor first for what you can eat or should avoid while you wear braces.

  • Cooked And Mashed vegetables
  • Soup
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Soft fruits
  • Seafood
  • Moist desserts

Although the foods mentioned here are safe to eat during the first days, weeks, or months of braces, it is still crucial to maintain your daily hygiene. Always brush your teeth and use a brace cleaning tool that you can buy from the grocery or supermarket along the hygiene section.

Expectations During The Braces Period

In modern dentistry, many types of braces are suitable for any age. Some even wear Invisalign if they only have mildly crooked teeth. But, Invisalign® and other similar oral healthcare braces have a duration to wear until the structure of the mouth is completely treated. Expect to have times of soreness or discomfort while your adjustment is ongoing. Don’t worry if your teeth feel loose as it is a natural and good sign of the process. Lastly, please don’t neglect your dental care since it is important to keep your braces maintained throughout the months or years. Things you can’t eat with braces and foods that are not recommended is just the first step towards a healthier and better you.

How Do You Keep Braces Clean And Dent-Free?

If you’re thinking that avoiding foods is the only way to keep your braces sturdy, then you should read ahead. Many people may only realize that damage is done once they feel the results of loose brackets or wires. Remember, a person that neglects these care recommendations may suffer painful toothaches or jaw clenching. We can provide tips that will ensure your braces are in its best condition.

Things You Cant Eat With Braces
  • Floss in between your gums and teeth
  • Use a special floss for your braces
  • Use either an oral irrigator or an electric toothbrush for cleaning
  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Follow instructions on how to clean your braces
  • Don’t skip your foods but remember which foods to eat
  • Keep the wires or bands if they become loose
  • If you’re an athlete, mention your activity to your dentist
  • Retainers, aligners, and invisible braces are your next step

When Is The Best Time To Get Braces?

Whether you are a parent that wants your kids to be healthy or a young adult that wishes to feel more confident, braces can be done at any time. Of course, there are requirements that dental specialists need. The development of the bones should be sturdy enough to withstand surgical procedures as an orthodontic treatment like braces are invasive. Also, the age where dentists see the perfect time for braces is during the age range 10 to 14. However, kids may start visiting an orthodontist as early as seven years old. Braces can be costly, so it is vital to get a health insurance plan before availing any dental treatment. 

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