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Day: July 8, 2021

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8 Soft Foods To Eat After Dental Surgery

Your recovery after dental surgery will depend on how well you will take care of yourself. You may not feel sick or weak after the procedure, so you might think that it’s okay to go against your dentists’ advice. But doing so will only our you at risk of complications. One of the aftercare instructions that you need to pay attention to is that you can only have soft foods to eat after dental surgery. Your dentist will give you tips on what to eat, so there is nothing much to worry about. You can visit Boon Dental’s clinic in Ropes Crossing today if you need help in your recovery process.

Why Soft Foods?

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You’re probably wondering, why can’t I eat other foods after dental surgery? The answer is simple, the wound on the treatment site is still soft and tender. If the site gets pressured or is damaged by hard-to-chew foods, complications will follow. So as much as you hate to eat mashed potatoes, soup, ice cream, and soft bread, there’s nothing much that you can do. After all, it’s all for your own good. Soft foods are also suggested to patients wearing dentures. This denture expert in Sunshine Coast can give you more advice.

Soft Foods to Eat

If you are worried about the variety of food you will eat after dental surgery, fret not because we will share different foods to choose from that are healthy and delicious at the same time. It is important to consider a few factors in preparing soft foods. First of all, your meals must have all the nutrients you need for the whole day. Remember that you are trying to recover from surgery, so your health must not be compromised.

Below are the easy to chew and nutritious foods to eat for your reference:

Blended Soups

Not everyone is a fan of blended soup, indeed. But pumpkin or tomato soup contains nutrition that your body needs to recover. Plus, soups do not leave any debris or particles that might irritate the tooth extraction site.

Due to the fact that blended soups are nutritious, they help in ensuring that you meet the daily nutrition you need since you will not be able to eat meat and certain fruits and vegetables.


A bowl of broth after your teeth removal surgery will help in the healing process. This soft food is nutritious and has all the minerals that you will need for recovery. It’s also a bonus that broths can keep you hydrated as they are made of water.

While the benefits of broth made from animal bones still need further analysis, some research suggests that it might contain anti-inflammatory properties. Be sure to drink both in cold or lukewarm temperatures not to irritate the wisdom tooth wound.


Yogurt is soft food that is rich in protein. It’s something that most dental patients can enjoy right after their oral surgery. The texture of this soft food might help in numbing and soothing the wound. Apart from protein, frozen yogurt also contains calcium and zinc. Protein and zinc have proven to promote quick healing, which is exactly what you need.

Mashed Potatoes

What’s great about potatoes is that they can be cooked in many different ways. And one of the most favorite potato dishes in the world is mashed potatoes. This vegetable is high in nutrients and calories, which are both essential in fast recovery. Since you will not be able to consume a lot of foods for energy, a few spoons of this soft food can give you energy in an instant. Just be sure to eat them cold as hot foods will irritate the gums and mouth.

Scrambled Eggs

Included in our list of soft foods to eat after dental surgery are scrambled eggs. Eggs are one of the best food choices to eat after oral surgery. They are rich in minerals and vitamins that help in wound healing. There are many other ways to prepare an egg, but a scrambled egg is easier to swallow and chew.

Ice Cream

Chewing will never be your problem in ice creams. This soft food, specifically those made from fruits, is rich not only in flavor but also in vitamins. Try to avoid regular ice creams in tubs as those usually contain high levels of sugar. Opt for homemade fruit-based instead to soothe your mouth and wound.

woman preparing soft foods

One of the best ways to get nutrition is by consuming smoothies. Your dentist will most likely recommend smoothies after your oral surgery as they are easy to prepare. Because of their versatility, you can make adjustments to your smoothie according to your taste and nutritional needs.

For instance, you can add a scoop of protein powder to boost your protein intake.


If you are a busy bee and food preparation is not something you are very fond of, you might consider eating noodles for a while. What’s great about this soft food is that it’s easy to prepare and it does not require too many ingredients.

Try to avoid spicy foods and crunchy snacks as these foods could cause pain in tooth extraction site.


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