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Day: September 29, 2019

breast reduction recovery tips

Recovery tips for breast reduction surgery

Having a breast reduction surgery is a big step in anyone’s life, the decision to go through this process is mostly because of physical reasons, like neck pain, backache or limit to do physical activities. Other people decide to do it to gain confidence, feel better about their image, and to get some relief thanks to not carrying that excessive weight anymore.

When you consider taking the breast reduction surgery there can be a lot of confusion, doubts, and fears, patients normally ask if they will feel pain and ask questions like, “Is it possible to have breast reduction after losing weight?” “Will they end up with scars in the breast?” and “How long does the recovery process take?”

The recovery process is one of the things that scare patients the most, it is a crucial part o the surgery success and the appearance of your breasts. In this article,e are going to talk about some important breast reduction recovery tips that will help you with the healing process.

Breast reduction recovery tips.

Take a rest: You should have at least 2 weeks off from work and any other activities, like working out. Don’t do any lifting. Please don’t underestimate this step since it will help a lot in the recovery process. Get enough sleep.

You might have to change the way you sleep: You’ll have to sleep on your back and in an elevated position to avoid swelling and putting pressure on your breasts.

Don’t drive and avoid getting in a car as much as you can: The seat belt will cause pain in your breasts and discomfort.

Don’t shower: Don’t put water pressure over the incision since this will slow the healing process.

Use your surgical bra 24/7: Surgical bra will be your new best friend and it is fully recommended by Dr Breast Augmentation Sydney clinic. It will help your breast to stay in their place and will help with the healing process. Avoid using other types of bra since it will rub you incisions and make you feel uncomfortable.

Take your medicine: Surgeon will prescribe you antibiotics to avoid any infection and analgesics to help with the pain.

breast reduction recovery tips

Don’t over worry about the scars: It is completely normal to have scars on your breasts after the surgery, the will normally reduce significantly in 6 weeks, and are invisible under bikinis and bras. If you are feeling too uncomfortable about them you can talk to your doctor about treatment options to reduce them.

Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you see anything unusual: If you notice unusual swelling, pus in the incision, fever or more pain than usual talk to your doctor.